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Driving is undoubtedly a privilege, but for a pleasant trip, your car needs to be properly maintained. Keep your tires in good condition because they are the only thing separating your automobile from the road.
For ideal control, a comfortable ride, and decent handling, as well as to avoid early tyre breakdown, tyres must be inflated correctly. Underfilled or overfilled tires may fail while driving, leading to a loss of control and longer stopping distances.

Importance of Tyre Inflators: Whether you are having an Electric, Petrol or a Diesel vehicle, investing in a quality tyre inflator is like having a dependable travel partner. In order to stay safe, save money, and have a smoother ride the next time you hit the road, make sure you have one of these useful devices by your side. So Let us have a look at some of useful and pocket friendly Tyre Inflators available in the market.

Woscher 801D Rapid Performance Portable Car & Motorbike Tyre Inflator, 12V DC Multipurpose Air Pump with Digital Display, Auto Shutoff & Built-in LED Light for Night Operations


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FASTER OPERATIONAL SPEED: A faster operational speed is provided by the Woscher Rapid Performance 801D digital vehicle tire inflator, which uses a DC 12V power input to quickly inflate tires from 0-35 psi in under two minutes.

LED LIGHT & DIGITAL DISPLAY: This compact tool has a bright, long-lasting LED light that makes it easy to perform the task even in low light or the dark, so you can easily inflate your tire even at night.

YOUR PORTABLE PARTNER: Made of high-quality ABS plastic and other durable components, our multipurpose automobile air pump or tyre inflator is well-built and has a portable design.

TYRE INFLATOR FOR VARIOUS USE: You may use this useful device to inflate a variety of tyres, including bicycle, scooter, and vehicle tires. Even other inflatable goods like cushions, boats, balloons, etc. can be utilized with it.

EASY TO USE AND OPERATE: This tiny tyre inflator has a 39-inch power cable that allows you to reach all four wheels and more. The tire is immediately inflated within minutes after pressing the on and off switch button.

Xiaomi 150 PSI Portable Electric Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike | Digital Display | 5 Air Fill Modes | LED Light |Type C(Black)


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(-33% off) MRP ₹4499

Efficient : Fully inflate 2 car tires or top up car tires 8 times deliver i.e. 45.4% higher inflation performance on a full charge.

Accuracy : Digitally controlled air-pressure sensors improve inflation accuracy to ±1 psi*

Battery Powered: Inbuilt 2000 mAH Lithium battery-support to energize compressor on-the-go

Type-C : Upgraded charging with a Type-C port, for worry-free trips around the world

Preset Pressure : The Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S automatically stops inflating your tires when your desired pre-set pressure is reached. LED Light : In Built LED light for night-time use & SOS flashing feature for emergency.

Bergmann Typhoon Digital Heavy-Duty Metal Tyre Inflator with Auto Cut-Off & LED Light (BCT-150D)


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(-37% off) MRP ₹3500

SOLID METAL BODY INFLATOR – Unlike other plastic inflators which are delicate and noisy, Bergmann Typhoon is an all-metal. solid-build, heavy-duty, tough and reliable air inflator.

SAY NO TO PLASTIC INFLATORS – Most plastic body air compressors are delicate, noisy and not able to radiate out the heat generated during compression. This results in increased wear and tear of the inner parts.

FASTER INFLATION – The technologically advanced direct-drive 150W heavy-duty 100% pure copper core motor provides superfast inflation. We have the industry-best inflation time of 0-30 psi in around 2 minutes for a 145/70 R12 size tyre (v/s 3.5 to 4 minutes in most other inflators).

DIGITAL GAUGE IN PSI WITH AUTO CUT-OFF – High precision, new age, backlit, speedometer-type digital gauge with preset and auto cut-off functions.

WITH BRAIDED RUBBER AIR HOSE – With , thick, braided (knitted), heat-proof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflation as opposed to a plain rubber hose found in other inflators.

WITH ANTI-VIBRATION FEET AND LONG CORD – With anti-vibration rubber feet and 3m long power cord that comfortably reaches all tyres.

WITH BRIGHT LED LIGHT – With super bright LED light for use during dark/low light conditions.

WITH MULTIPURPOSE ATTACHMENTS AND FREE BAG – With extra fuse and multipurpose nozzle attachments for inflation of bicycles, air bed, basketballs etc. and a free storage bag.

MICHELIN 12208 Digital Single Barrel Foot Pump with Rubber Feet (Black)


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(-49% off) MRP ₹3595

  • Compatibility: All cars,SUV’S, motorcycles, bicycles, Balls, toys, and other inflatable items
  • Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI
  • Ergonomic rubber tread plate.
  • Dual display PSI & BAR.
  • Steel frame with rubber feet.
  • Snap-in adaptor storage.
  • Extra Valves for inflating balls, toys, and other inflatable items

MICHELIN 12266 High Power Rapid Tyre Inflator with Pre-Set, USB Mobile Charging, 12V DC socket, LED Lights, and large back lit display

₹3,784 Buy Now

(-46% off) MRP ₹ 6995

  • Compatiblity: All cars, SUV’s, Trailers & Motorcycles
  • Pressure Pre set function
  • Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI.
  • Rapid Inflation – 0-30 PSI in approx 3 minutes.*
  • Switchable between PSI, BAR & kPa.
  • White LCD display.
  • 60cm long high pressure Air hose
  • Mobile charger, USB socket, 12V DC socket
  • Extra Valves to inflate Balls, toys, and other inflatable items

Portronics 150 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike

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(-34% off) MRP ₹ 3499

Brand: Portronics Model Number: Vayu, POR 1480 Type: Compact Air Pumps Brand Color: Black Maximum Capacity: 150 psi Color: Black Display Type: Digital Display Auto Shut Off: YES

Other Features: Digital Display Detects Tyre Pressure, In-Built Rechargeable Battery, Type C Charging Port, LED Light, Auto Shut Off, For Care, Bikes, Bicycles, Balls.

BLACK+DECKER 160 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike

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(-53% off) MRP ₹ 6820

Brand: BLACK+DECKER Model Number: ASI400-XJ Type: Compact Air Pumps Maximum Capacity: 160 psi Material: Plastic Display Type: LCD Pressure Indicator: LCD Double Foot: No Other Features: High pressure low volume mode, eg: for tyres and balls, low pressure high volume mode, eg: for air mattresses Additional pump discharge mode Automatically switches off upon reaching the preselected pressure Illuminated, easy to read digital display.

GoMechanic 150 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike

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(-44% off) MRP ₹ 2499

Brand: Go Mechanic Model Number: GUSTO T10 150 PSI Tyre Inflator Type: Compact Air Pumps Brand Color: Black & Yellow Material: Plastic Display Type: Digital Display Pressure Indicator: Digital Pressure Indicator Double Foot: YES Auto Shut Off: YES Grip Type: Rubberized Bleeder Valve Present: YES Other Features: Innovative and Compact Design with Fast Inflating Speed, Built-in LED Light, Multiple Nozzles with High Power Inflator (Up to 150 PSI), Automatic Shut Off, High-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel offering great durability

BOSCH 150 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike

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(-56% off) MRP ₹ 10000

Brand: BOSCH Model Number: Easy Pump Type: Compact Air Pumps Brand Color: Green Maximum Capacity: 150 psi Material: Plastic Battery Type: Lithium Lon

Qubo 150 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike

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(-47% off) MRP ₹ 5490

Brand: Qubo Model Number: HIA02 Type: Compact Air Pumps Brand Color: Black Maximum Capacity: 150 psi Material: Plastic Display Type: LED Pressure Indicator: Display Double Foot: NO Auto Shut Off: YES Grip Type: Rubberized Bleeder Valve Present: YES

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